The Wonder Reels - Whistler Blackcomb

Imperial Post used the title designs created by Origin Design & Communications to create original title animations for each episode of the Whistler Blackcomb Wonder Reels Season 2. We also created integrated motion graphics throughout the series to display important content in a unique way.

Graphic DesignMotion GraphicsCreative Direction
Client - Whistler Blackcomb, Switchback Entertainment, and Origin Design & Communications
To watch the entire series click here.


Magnafire Media logo animation
Motion GraphicsCreative Direction
Client - Magnafire Media
Shambhala Films logo animation
Art DirectionMotion GraphicsCreative Direction
Client - Shambhala Films and Sweetgrass Productions
Dead Rising: Endgame
Motion GraphicsUI/UXCreative Direction
Client - CVD VFX, DR2 Productions, Contradiction Films, Legendary Digital Media
The Force Awakens in Craig McMorris
Creative DirectionVisual Effects
Client - Darren Rayner and Red Bull
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl
Motion GraphicsUI/UXCreative Direction
Client - CVD VFX and Legendary Digital Media
Studio 54 party - WB Foundation
Motion GraphicsCreative DirectionEditing
Client - Janalee Budge and Whistler Blackcomb Foundation
Playing with Primitives
Graphic DesignMotion GraphicsDigital Art
Personal Project
Aether Films logo animation
Motion GraphicsCreative Direction
Client - Aether Films
The Burn - Salomon Freeski TV
Visual Effects
Client - Switchback Entertainment and Salomon Freeski
VFX Reel
Computer AnimationCreative DirectionVisual Effects
Music: "Cut the Kid" - Madeon
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