The Whistler Bubble

A quick project inspired by a piece Laurent Montel made. There's a common term for my hometown of Whistler, Canada, "The Bubble". We call it the bubble because Whistler is an international resort that shields you from the rest of the world. I'm very glad to have grown up there but also very glad to have left and seen what life is like in other places not blessed by international, wealthy, tourism.


WB turns 50!
Swirly PNW - An unused design
Whitecaps Trick Shots - Red Bull & Magnafire Media
Planet A.
Eclipse - Salomon Freeski TV
Toyland - Salomon Freeski TV
Season 8 Teaser - Salomon Freeski TV
Double Exposure - WB Beyond Series
The Beyond Series - Whistler Blackcomb
Cortina - Salomon Freeski TV
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