Studio 54 party - WB Foundation

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and Janalee Budge asked me to create an animation for the annual Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Party. Every year the party has a theme and this year the theme was Studio 54. I created a 6.5 minute looping animation full of motion graphics, historical photos and video.

Here's a short sample of the animation.


Frozen Falls - Reel Water Productions
Reel 2016
Quarter Past Midnight - Salomon Freeski TV
The Arc - On-set VFX Supervisor
Super Pillows - Salomon Freeski TV
Season 7 Teaser - Salomon Freeski TV
Whistler Blackcomb logo animation
Motion Design Reel
The Burn - Salomon Freeski TV
Shambhala Films logo animation
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