Ghost Town - Salomon Freeski TV

Ghost Town, the fourth episode of the seventh season of Salomon Freeski TV, follows three Salomon athletes as they ski through an abandoned mining town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. The story of the town and three residents who seem to still occupy the town is told through a series of newspaper headlines and articles. To flow the modern footage with archival photographs Imperial Post created animated newspapers transitioning the media throughout the film. Actors were filmed on green screen and composited into scenes as ghosts watching the skiers "invade their town".

Motion GraphicsCreative DirectionVisual Effects
Client - Switchback Entertainment and Salomon Freeski


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Motion GraphicsUI/UXCreative Direction
Client - CVD VFX, DR2 Productions, Contradiction Films, Legendary Digital Media
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Creative DirectionVisual Effects
Client - Meta Productions
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Motion GraphicsCreative DirectionVisual Effects
Music: "Aftergold" - Big Wild
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Motion GraphicsUI/UXCreative Direction
Client - CVD VFX and Legendary Digital Media
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Client - Switchback Entertainment and Salomon Freeski
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Art DirectionVisual EffectsDigital Art
Darcy Turenne logo animation
Art DirectionMotion GraphicsCreative Direction
Client - Darcy Turenne
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Motion Graphics
Client - CVDVFX and Jenkinson Goode Productions
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